Welcome To Blerdabytes!

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A wise, (and unfortunately) unnamed old guy once gave a young, strapping lad with a hankering to save his entire country (or planet, or whatever the f*ck Hyrule is!) this same advice.

And just like he advised young Link, I also chose not to go alone on my journey as well.

Throughout life, I’ve always been something of a loner (or who am I kidding? A LOT of a loner), but this time, I want to do things a little different and take ALLLLL of y’all along on my journey.

Being a Black Girl Nerd in our current society is a hard job (like how am I supposed to be able to twerk and defeat the Negaverse?), but somebody’s gotta do it, right? Right. And that person’s gonna be me! (NSYNC, what up?)

No two Black Girl Nerds’ journey looks the same, but I can guarantee you that each one of them is full of just as much excitement as the next! Why? Because we’re dope AF, and those are the #fax!

I want Blerdabytes to be a place where I can evolve as a Black Girl Nerd and explore what it truly means to be one (and to not be one (Shakespeare, what up?)). I want it to be a place where I can feel comfortable being completely and totally, 100% me! I want to make friends here and share my thoughts on a variety of nerdy topics as freely as I’d like. I want people to know that being a Black Nerd (all genders aside) is not a monolithic experience and we’re quite a diverse bunch. This is a safe space. Your space. My space.

And, “What even is a Blerdabyte?” you ask.

First and foremost, it’s something that I need to get copyrighted before I see it plastered all over the technology specifications in Best Buy. I mean, wouldn’t that be a dope-ass unit of storage? The Blerdabyte™!

But all jokes aside, Blerdabyte is a term I came up with when I wanted to highlight my identity as a Blerd of many interests. And when all the bits of my Blerd identity came together, I realized that they formed bytes (guess I did retain something from that freshman year CS class). Thus, Blerdabytes was born! Using my ultra super…I’ll stop, but you get the point.

On this website, I’ll be showcasing the many facets of my life as a Black Girl Nerd, including (but not limited to) my love of fashion, music, books, and so much more! Eventually, I’d like to expand my scope to other sites, including YouTube and Twitch, but for now, you’re going to be seeing a whole lot of text posts from me. That might be better than having to listen to my voice, to be honest…

So like the title says, “Welcome to Blerdabytes!”

Stay as long as you’d like, and follow me on all of my adventures as a Black Girl Nerd! Because on this site, I’m Tidus (I know how people feel about him, but he’s precious and needs to be protected, okay?), and this is my story (as a Black Girl Nerd)!


2 replies to “Welcome To Blerdabytes!

  1. hey there! Fellow bleed here! I’m interested in seeing where you’re blog goes. I love connecting with fellow Black Girl Nerds. Blerds Unite! Sometimes I still feel as though we’re seen as an anomaly, but there’s so many of us, we just need to keep finding each other and sharing our experiences. I agree no tow bleeds are alike, but I love the fact that we’ll automatically have common ground!

    I like the vibe of your blog a lot!

    I’m Ayana and it’s nice to meet you!! 😀

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  2. Hello there, fellow Black Girl Nerd!
    Thank you so, sooo much for visiting my blog. It means the world to me! I’m so excited right now, like you have no idea!!
    I’m always excited to meet other Black Girl Nerds, and I knew starting this blog would help me do that with greater ease. And would you look at that, I’m already forming bonds.
    I’m on my way to look at your blog right now, girl! I can already tell that I’ll be there for the rest of the night.
    Nice to meet you, Ayana! Michelle. You will definitely be hearing more from me!


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