Home Sweet Home


Hey Blerds and Nerds! I’ve FINALLY found my way back to my little ol’ blog. If you can recall, I left you all over a month ago to start my YouTube journey, and I must say, so far, it’s been amazing! I completed VEDA (something I’d never thought I’d be able to do), and now I have my very own YouTube channel with TONS of content! Check it out if you get the time!

So now, I guess you’re wondering, “What’s next, Michelle?” And I’ll tell you what’s next. EVERYTHING! Nope. That wasn’t a mistake. I want to do it all! Writing, blogging, cosplaying, YouTubing, live streaming. You name it. I want to be doing it. And even better, I WILL be doing it!

Right now, my biggest challenge is streaming every day in May on my Twitch channel, but that’s not too demanding because I already love playing video games and talking to people. So if you’re not too busy one night around midnight Eastern standard time, you should come hang for a little bit! I promise you it’ll be loads of fun!

Another challenge that I’ve recently undertaken is improving/rebranding my Instagram account. I’ve always wanted to have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram, and this month, I’ve decided to read an article every day in the hopes that I’ll be able to eventually create the account of my dreams!

I’ve also started writing for other websites including Black Girl Gamers and Quirktastic, so my voice will be ALLLLL over the Internet! (…or at least in those two places) I will DEFINITELY be linking you all to all of my articles on those sites as well, but I’ll still be writing here too, as this is muh home base. This is where it all started for me, and I’m not ready to give that up just yet! (…or ever!)

So there y’all have it! I said I wanted to do it all, and I kind of am. I’m also working on a couple of other things here and there, like my cosplay for Momocon and designing business cards for said convention (and any conventions/events afterwards).

I’ve been staying busy these past couple of months, and I finally feel like my life has purpose again. And I honestly owe all of that to you all because you keep me wanting to come back! So for that I am FORVER grateful! Let’s keep this energy going!

In the meantime, I’ve created a (tentative) schedule of all of the things I’ll be doing on a regular basis, and pinned it to the top of my Twitter page, but just for y’all, I’ll post it  here again, so here it is:

  • Blog Posts: Mon. + Fri. @12PM [EST]
  • YouTube Videos: Tue. + Thurs. @ 2PM [EST]
  • Twitch Streams: Mon., Wed., Fri., (and usually) Sat. + Sun. @12AM [EST]
  • Quirktastic Articles: Second + Fourth week of every month
  • Black Girl Gamers Articles: Twice a month

There y’all have it. I know it sounds like a lot, but I promise you, I can do it! And if you want to support me on any of these platform, I’d love that to the moon and back! Until then, I’m out of here, y’all! Thanks for reading today’s post!

If you have any big plans coming up in your life, let me know all about it in the comments! I looooove talking about things going on in peoples’ lives, especially ones that they’re excited about. That excitement is QUITE contagious! So let’s hear it!

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