Bucket List

– See Misty Copeland perform live
– Learn to swim
– Attend San Diego Comic Con
– Attend New York Comic Con
– Complete Final Fantasy I-XV
– Learn to swim
– Finish my first cosplay
– Have a successful photoshoot in said cosplay
– Launch a Youtube channel
– Watch every Disney movie ever made
– Climb Mt. Fuji
– Visit Disneyland
– Learn a martial art
– Learn to ride a motorcycle
– Catch ’em all
– Visit Warner Bros. Studio in London
– Write a cookbook
– Run a successful shop on Etsy
– Start a Twitch channel
– Complete 3 new cosplays each year for the major cons in GA (Momo + AWA)
– Learn how to play D&D
– Write a fantasy book for children
– Live in a new city before I’m 30
– Visit L.A.
– Get accepted into a graduate school program
– Attend E3
– Complete a reading challenge
– Host a panel at a convention