meditations + manifestations: july 2021

Happy August! It’s that time again where I talk about my experiences from last month and set intentions for the next. Like I said before, I really enjoy doing this since it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and miss out on the bigger picture, and this exercise helps me keep things in perspective.

july meditations:
July was a very odd month, I’ll say. The weather, the energy, just everything. A lot of things were revealed to me this past month, and while they were heavy things, I am very happy that I was presented with them. I know that I’m never given things that I cannot handle, and July was no different. I definitely did not have any BBQ this month, but that’s cool. I’ll just tell myself that the carcinogens are bad for my skin. Haha. So yeah, very strange month. I think more planets entered into Aquarius, so maybe that was the reason? I don’t know, but I’m still here!

I didn’t finish many books this month, aside from comics, but one book that I did finish and enjoy was Amari and The Night Brothers. I have an entire blog post dedicated to it, but in a nutshell, it was a very fun and eye-opening read. It fed my inner child and took me back to simpler times. And speaking of children, another book that I started last month was The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave. I fell down a Project MKUltra rabbit hole after reading K-pop “conspiracy theories,” and I ended up finding that book in the process. It’s a very horrifying read, as it describes the abusive manner in which the CIA forcibly brainwashed thousands of non-consenting children in the 1950s and 60s, but I’ve learned to read it in small doses. It goes quite deep, and it’s all very sad. Definitely give it a read if you’re curious about how our government really gets down and what’s really going on in the world today. (spoiler: It’s sick stuff)

spiritual tools:
And speaking of K-pop and MKUltra, one of my favorite sources for information was the forums over at Vigilant Citizen. I love online forums, but I love online “conspiracy” forums even more. They truly open up a previously unseen world full of freethinkers and varying viewpoints. And being surrounded by those things are my happy place. I also got to listen to a couple of episodes of funded by source podcast. Once of my favorite episodes was with Aline Hanle about gamifying life and multidimensional travel. I enjoyed it very much. I watched an Alex Jones documentary about Bohemian Grove on BitChute, and a plethora of other videos as well. This was truly a month of spiritual awakening, and I feel like that’s been a trend with July for me…

youtube videos:
As far as non-spiritual videos go, I found the YouTube channel ReelBlack TV last month, and it’s been a treasure trove of information, especially as it pertains to Black Americans. One of the best things that I watched on their channel was an interview series with Dick Gregory. He dropped so many gems in those interviews, and in plenty of others, as well. May he rest in peace. And on a slightly lighter note, I also got into watching Shoe0nHead for her humorous style of political commentary. I may not agree with everything that she says (which isn’t the point), but she’s definitely an enjoyable watch. And on the lightest of notes, I also enjoyed binging episodes of Yeri’s Room, this past month as well. Red Velvet‘s maknae is cute, and she also makes a great DJ!

websites + social media:
I didn’t visit too many other websites this month, but I did revisit HYPEBAE, not because I am one, of course, but I do enjoy the aesthetic and its TikTok-length articles. I have to switch it up, right? And finally, I watched Mitch Jones’ EP Release Party on Twitch, as well. It was a nice trip back to the early 00s, and it was also really cool to hear about his experience with going from listening to music to making it. If nothing else, it was definitely inspirational!

And while I didn’t really use Twitch for gaming last month, I did find this really fun article from Discover Pods about Super Smash Brothers Fighters as Podcasts. If you enjoy podcasts and/or gaming, I think you’ll enjoy that article. Give it a read~

A few songs stood out to me in July, and despite them being different genres, they all had a similar feel. Willow Smith’s t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l explanation was a really expansive watch, as was the music video. Another little transport back to a simpler time. I also enjoyed beabadoobee’s music video for Cologne and Ginger Root’s Loretta. There’s really something to be said about July. It’s a very nostalgic month. I’m going to have to look more into this…

food + drink:
And finally, to wrap things up, I ate a few tasty things this past month. One being pupusas, as I was on a quest to eat arepas, and couldn’t find them, so I went with them instead. They were stuffed with black beans and other veggies and were very delicious. I want to try making some soon. I also had a delicious quinoa black bean burger, and I should definitely eat more of those going forward, too!

august manifestations:
Nostalgia was the name of the game this month clearly, but I’m not mad at that. I know not to live in the past, but it’s fun to revisit it every now and again. It does make us whom we are after all, and if we don’t try to fix it, we’re doomed to repeat it, something that’s happening in real time right now, actually. Next month I think the focus should be more on staying present and crafting a future that future me would be pleased with. I don’t have much that I want to do in August, but I do want to continue sticking to my content creation schedule and staying in my lane. So like, “less words, more action.” Yeah. That’s the vibe for August. See you next month, peeps~

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